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win|RTA is an advanced software for sound analysis,optimized for cinema sound

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win|RTA is an advanced software for sound analysis. This flexible software is optimized for cinema sound, offering features not found in generic sound analysis software.
There are three versions of win|RTA, one designed to interface with the D2 hardware (win|RTA for the D2), and two standalone versions (win|RTA Standard and win|RTA Basic).
win|RTA for the D2 is the software that provides all the multi-microphone test and measurement capabilities of the D2 Acoustical Measurement System. These features are listed in the column to the left and shown with screenshots below.
win|RTA Standard is a stand-alone version of the D2 software, designed to be used with a single microphone or third-party multiplexer. It can perform all tests that do not require mulitiple microphones. It includes 1/1, 1/3, 1/6 and 1/12 octave analysis, pink noise generator, NC and RT60 testing, user-definable function keys, plus audio frequency oscilloscope for cinema projector optical A-chain alignment.
win|RTA Basic has the essential functions needed to measure and align the frequency response of loudspeakers, all in an easy to use and inexpensive package. It uses the same industrial strength averaging and filtering (1/1 and 1/3 octave) algorithms used in the D2 system by sound professionals around the world. It also provides high-quality reference pink noise (the quality of the data and pink noise is dependent on the computer's audio interface; best results are obtained when used with an approved interface), and file save, print and compare.

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